Unleash Your Sensual Power

And let Your Intimate and Love Life Blossom

A word from Amy


Today, most of the time I feel really well in my body and connected to my inner power. I dear to open myself, to be sensual and to be vulnerable. That is what makes me enjoy a high quality intimate relationship and what makes me easily connect on a deeper level with other people. Further I allow myself to have pleasure. And I can honestly say that having high quality connections it is the masterpiece of my happy life.

It wasn’t always like that:
As a child in a challenging family situation growing up with abusive relationships, intimacy or sexuality were never my favourite subjects. My intimacy had been taken for granted. I was manipulated. On top of that, I was wrongly judged. I shut completely down. I got marked with feelings of guilt and shame about my body, about myself and my desires.
All I ever wanted was to get out of that situation. I consistently escaped my emotions. I focussed on accomplishing things, getting educated, creating a decent career and becoming successful.

Although I became an architect and got married, I was depressed and de-connected. I was not able to establish quality intimate relation ships in my young adult life as I was looking for love and appreciation outside myself. These were some things I did :

  • I worked with a psychologist but that was always a monologue: me repeating my story and feeling sorry for myself.
  • I read self-help books which offered me some mental comprehension but no book gave me the experience of feeling love and divinity in my body.


So nothing really worked. It wasn’t until I started with self-development and Tantra that I went on a profound consciousness raising journey. I feel blessed and fortunate to have been able to train with the best teachers on the planet when it comes to empowerment, psychology, healing, spirituality and high performance. Persons like Tony Robbins, Kyran Vyas, David Deida, Louise Hay, Brendon Burchard, Joe Vitale, Margot Anand and many others inspired me and helped me to transform my life. I’ve been passionately studying and experiencing their teachings for more than a decade now. I found back what has been taken away from me as a child: that precious thing called intimacy. The feeling is so magical that I now made it my life purpose to support and inspire others to live the same.

  • I learned happiness tools, strategies and methods that really work on a mental, physical and emotional level. That’s why I now created the “Mastery of Fulfilling Intimacy –Program ”
  • I received tantric experiences, which made me feel the divine and the love inside myself. This was absolutely amazing: feeling that tremendous power of love through my whole body. It transformed me and made me do whatever it takes to become an Ayurvedic massage and Tantra therapist. That’s why I now offer Sensual Massage and Tantra rituals in Crans-Montana. I have over 5’000 hours of body therapy experience. And clients who experienced the magic in my hands have one thing in common: they went through the most profound physical experience they’ve received. One that makes all the cells in their body vibrate on a level never felt before. That’s the divine power within.